Uncompromised Security & Rigorous Compliance

Authentication (MFA)

Adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to verify their identity through multiple steps. By combining something the user knows (password) with something they have (e.g., a smartphone or hardware token), MFA ensures only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.


Control access to sensitive information based on user roles, ensuring employees only have access to features and data necessary for their responsibilities. Permissions can be fine-tuned to align with your organization’s security policies.

Data Loss
Prevention (DLP)

Our DLP safeguards against data breaches and loss through monitoring, classification, and secure handling of sensitive data, ensuring compliance with security standards and preventing unauthorized sharing.


Integrated SaaS services are securely authorized with OAuth2, and credentials for these services are never stored.

Encryption in
Transit and at Rest

Both idle and active data are encrypted in transit over public networks and securely stored in databases with strong encryption.


Regular data backups with a maximum 24-hour Recovery Time Objective ensure fast and reliable data recovery.


Our databases are protected with multi-layer security, including encrypted passwords, two-factor authentication (2FA), and virtual private clouds (VPC) with strict firewall settings


SOC Type 1 and 2 Compliance

Upcoming SOC Type 1 and 2 certifications will be granted by leading third-party cybersecurity auditors, reflecting our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in security and internal controls.