Prioritize customer needs. Plan targeted actions.

Harness AI to prioritize and create impactful action plans, turning insights into outcomes, effortlessly.

How it works

Service Improvement & Service Recovery – Two Pillars of
Exceptional Customer Experience

Gather customer data across channels

Our platform enables your business to integrate data from every customer touchpoint, including emails, call centers, chat transcripts, surveys, and social media, to provide comprehensive customer understanding.

Analyze and prioritize feedback with AI

Our AI algorithms analyze the data to categorize customer sentiments, identify key issues, then we use statistical algorithms to prioritize actionable insights based on your business’ historical trends, frequency, and context.

Generate strategic action plans

Our platform crafts detailed action plans that include a description of the identified issues, assigned responsibilities, and estimated timelines, ensuring your teams can execute solutions that improve satisfaction.

Platform Features



Create action plans that meet customer needs

Developing successful action plans is often difficult due to incomplete or fragmented data. cxgenies solves this with its AI-driven prioritization, optimizing impact and customer satisfaction.


Receive Executive Reports Directly in Your Inbox

Reports featuring prioritized issues and AI-generated recommended action plans. These reports are designed for executives, providing key insights without the need for data analysts. Whether with our dashboard or your inbox, stay informed with just a few clicks.


Customize AI Action Plans to Match Your Unique Guidelines

Through a dedicated portal, you can customize the AI recommendations by adding your specific guidelines. This allows our AI to consider these guidelines before making new recommendations, preventing redundant actions and ensuring relevant suggestions that align perfectly with your needs.


Simplify quality standards compliance

Automate quality management and align with standards like ISO 9001:2015 to reduce the compliance burden while enhancing service quality and credibility.


Turn Every Customer Interaction into an Opportunity to Boost Revenue

Our AI-driven platform identifies these gaps by analyzing customer feedback and service operator quality. It provides targeted recommendations that unlock new service improvements and reveal opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, and customer retention.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I personalize or adjust the action plan output?

Yes! Our platform includes a customization portal where you can add specific guidelines. The AI will incorporate these guidelines into its analysis, ensuring that recommendations align with your ongoing efforts and priorities.

The prioritization process involves several steps:

  • Data Aggregation: Collects data from various customer interaction channels.
  • Issue Identification: Identifies key issues using data parsing techniques.
  • Statistical Analysis: Analyzes the frequency of issues, relevant keywords, and historical data to assign priority.
  • Contextual Relevance: Considers the context of feedback to enhance prioritization accuracy.


Our platform analyzes a wide range of data from customer interactions, including but not limited to customer reviews, call recordings, chat transcripts, emails, and survey responses across various channels.

Action plans are generated based on AI analysis of prioritized issues. The plans include:
  • Compliance with international quality standards.
  • Assignment of responsibilities to specific departments or area managers.
  • Detailed checklists for resolving issues.
  • Estimates of time and costs required for implementation.

The action plans include: Issue Name, Description, Responsible Parties, Estimated Time and more details.

Product and Pricing. cxgenies stands out due to its comprehensive data aggregation, AI-powered analysis, and the automated creation of detailed action plans. Additionally, its pricing is tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises, making it affordable for the most important economic sector to focus on CX and Quality.

Businesses can expect a significant reduction in complaint volumes, enhanced performance of service operators, improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increased operational efficiency. Additionally, the detailed insights and targeted action plans can lead to cost savings and better resource allocation.

Yes, for non-standard plans. Comprehensive training sessions and support materials are available to ensure that users are fully equipped to utilize the feature effectively.